The Line Up



Saucye West

Saucye West (she/her) is your self-proclaimed “Favorite Fat Girl”

She began modeling in 2010 for Full Figure Entertainment and transitioned into runway shortly after. She quickly began making a name for herself because she was often used by indie designers as one of the only visibly fat models over a size 26

Saucye is also a proud fat activist that uses her platform to show radical self love. Constantly trying to bridge the gap between the fat positive and body positive worlds.

In 2017 she launched he campaign for the hashtag #fatandfree which let women declare that they were going to love their bodies without apology and show this on social media. Now this hashtag is a mantra and a movement. 



Shilo George

(she/her/hers) is Southern Cheyenne-Arapaho and Scottish international speaker, trainer, and owner of Łush Kumtux Tumtum Consulting, which means “a great awakening of the heart and spirit” in the Chinuk Wawa trade language.

 She has lived her life in a body that transgresses and violates Western standards of beauty, size, sexuality, and health. Shilo interweaves cultural traditions and spirituality with an anti-oppressive and decolonizing lenses to promote healing and empowerment in herself and others in the communities she is a part of. Her workshops and presentations explore the intersections of race, sexuality, body size, and trauma (both individual and inter-generational). Shilo trains others on systems of oppression, trauma informed care, and proactive ways that businesses and organizations can create policies and environments that that promote inclusion, diversity, and healing. @lkt_consulting



Bea [they/she] is a Black and Indigenous queer fat disabled femme + water rights researcher and activist hailing from Northern Maine and currently residing in Northern California. Their research focuses on the intersection of race, gender, class, the environment, and health, and they are building an army of Black, Brown, and marginalized citizen scientists, teaching people how to test their waters and advocate for better protection. They also currently serve on the Board of Directors at The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health based in Rhode Island but with a national reach.  Bea was the 2017 Commencement speaker for Goddard College; an alum of such programs as the Sierra Club’s Global Population and Environment Program fellowship; the recipient of the 2016 Maine Environmental Education Association’s Student of the Year award; a 2017 Emerging Leader for the SHIFT Conservation festival; and has spoken at state, regional, and national conferences primarily surrounding accessibility and the outdoors. In addition to fighting for healthy water and ending privatization, Bea loves to take up space on the runway as a plus size model, and was the first plus size model to walk in the Outdoor Retailer clothing and gear show in 2018. @thebeaologist




Kanda is a singer songwriter, model and artist of many types local to Portland. Along with having performed with several prestigious musicians and bands in town, she has been the ambassador and face many fashion lines including Beth Ditto, Chubby Cartwheels and Copper Union. Kanda is a big advocate for racial equity, mental health and body positivity. In spare time, Kanda can be found playing the guitar, listening to Frank Ocean or eating tacos. @kmbenzangoma


Summer Brown

(she/her) Summer is a Black, Fat, Queer, Cisgender Woman, Parent, Therapist, Writer and Speaker.  At my best I'm doing something creative, spending time with my chosen family, wearing bright colors and eating something tasty. @thachocolatechronicles


Britan Morris

Born and raised in Los Angeles C.A. has been dancing since he was 12 years old, started off as a street dancer participating in battles, cyphers, and freestyle competitions. After training under Danny Batimana (founder of Americas best dance crews, Team millennia) he went on to travel the country performing and competing with Pac modern, and culture shock. Dance in his eyes is viewed as art that should be respected, and studied.


McConnell's Boxing Academy

In 2012, Molly "Fearless" McConnell (she/her) opened McConnell's Boxing Academy. As a two-time world champion and the most decorated fighter from the state of Oregon in the past 30 years, Molly's vision was to teach athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike to develop the proper skills, techniques and body mechanics of the sweet science. MBA has quickly become more than just a place to practice proper boxing technique; it also serves as a positive outlet for people to build real, lasting friendships. Boxing has a mysterious way of allowing people to find their inner strength, and build their confidence. Find out more about McConnell's Boxing Academy


Mikalina Kirkpatrick

(she/her/they/them) is a white, genderqueer, superfat, Certified Body Trust® Provider, writer, and speaker. Mikalina facilitates group and individual healing work from a Body Trust paradigm and provides consultation to professionals in various fields around issues relating to the Health at Every Size® paradigm and body liberation. Mikalina is the 2018 conference planning co-chair for the Association for Size Diversity and Health and the community manager for Be Nourished. Mikalina believes that healing is an individual and community process; that when we begin to heal ourselves, we also begin to heal the world around us. Mikalina's favorite color is purple and her favorite shape is spiral. Find out more about Mikalina here.



Known in intimate yoga circles as ”The Cardi B of Yoga”. Cookie is one of those evangelical looney tunes who sincerely believes the cliche that “Yoga saved their life.” As someone who has made a career of never fitting in Cookie strives to create spaces that allow people to feel like they belong. You can follow her wellness journey on Instagram @basic.blaec.girl


Anna Chapman

(she/her) Founder of Body Love Yoga, Anna’s mission in life is to create brave space for people to connect and land in their bodies. Having started yoga feeling like she and her body didn’t fit in, she has since came to the conclusion that the most empowering act of self-care is to take as much unapologetic space as is needed both on the mat and in life. She is passionate in her pursuits to make yoga accessible for all bodies. She loves weaving meditation and somatic sensing into class, reminding students of their inherent worthiness and support by simply being in bodies on this earth. @iamannachapman To find out more about Anna visit




(she/her) Founder Fat Girls Hiking/ Hike Leader – Growing up in rural Minnesota, Summer didn’t hike.  Winters were too cold, summers were too humid & infested with mosquitoes.  Summer & her siblings would explore the woods near their home when their mother instructed them to, “Go out & play!”  Other childhood outdoor activities consisted of family vacations to lakes Up North for camping or road trips to National Parks.  Summer took up photography as a child, taking after her mother who is a professional photographer.  She studied writing & photography throughout high school & college.  Summer earned BA’s in Writing and Women’s Studies with a minor in Studio Arts.  She moved to Portland & eventually tried hiking.  At first, she hated hiking.  It was uncomfortable, she was sweaty & could never keep up with others. But eventually, something snapped inside her, something changed.  She fell in love with the air, the moss, the views, the waterfalls, and most of all, the strength that she felt whenever she hiked.  She now enjoys hiking several times a week, taking photographs of amazing places you can only see by walking there. She loves hiking alone and with the Fat Girls Hiking community.  She loves creating community for folks underrepresented in the outdoors & leading body positive group hikes with Fat Girls Hiking. @fatgirlshiking




Archive 6

Archive Six is a small press and zine distro that carries work centered around art, social justice, QTPOC, fat activism, and survival. The distro is run by Rachelle Abellar, a designer and fat activist from Seattle. She is best known for her books, "Self Care Journal," "Big-Bellied Merbabes," and "The Little Book of Big Babes." You can find these titles and more at


Fat Fancy

Fancy is a radical fat fashion boutique located in NE Portland, Oregon.  Our mission is to bring stylish, reasonably priced, new and used plus size clothing to women, men, and those in between. Come visit our storefront on burgeoning Sandy Boulevard in Portland's Hollywood Neighborhood! We are on the max line, near many fun boutiques, delicious restaurants and the famous Hollywood Theatre! Visit the site

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AllGo is a review site where fat people rate the comfort and accessibility of places so others can know what it's like before going out. We're launching in Portland later in 2018 and plan to be a world-wide platfrom. If you want to know when we go live, please sign up for our beta at and follow us on all the socials.